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Tungsten Carbide Tips and Buttons for Mining Tools

Tungsten Carbide Mining Tools / Tungsten Carbide Tips / Tungsten Carbide Buttons

We are capable of producing semi-finished tungsten carbide products as well as providing work blank samples. With our strong processing capabilities, we are also able to customize products according to all samples and drawings.

Carbide Compacts
Here at JIMS (Jinan Institute of Metallurgical Science) Carbide, we are a premier cemented carbide manufacturing company. We are also a long term partner to supply world class carbide compacts used in hard rock mining bits.

Through our years of technological improvements and equipment optimization, JIMS Carbide has developed the GM, KM and JCK series of carbide grades with an annual production capacity exceeding 800metric tons/year.

Due to the wide array of geological formations in the world, we have proven ourselves with strong performance against our competitors, and thanks to our consistently high quality standards, we have earned several Certified Supplier Awards from internationally recognized companies.

The Heavystone Surface
We have partnered with Heavystone Lab LLC in order to manufacture functionally graded carbide compacts, which is produced using Heavystone's patented technology. This manufacturing process takes traditional tungsten carbide and turns it into the Heavystone Surface functionally graded carbide with a hard, wear resistant surface and a tough fracture resistant core structure. The Heavystone Surface offers outstanding combinations for wear resistance and fracture toughness, and thus, a superb engineering performance with field tests showing a 30% increase in footage drilled. The Heavystone Surface carbides are widely used in China, America, Brazil and Europe.

Grade List for Mining Tools
Grade Co(%) Density(g/cm³) Hardness(HRA) TRS(N/mm²) Application
GM06 6 14.95 90.3 2800 DHT hammer, medium to hard rock
KM65 6.5 14.90 90 3000
GM08 8 14.80 88.7 3200
J510 10 14.55 88.1 3300 Roller cone drill bit
J410 11 14.45 88.8 3200
J512 12 14.35 87.3 3200
JCK1 10 14.50 85.7 2400 Road milling, mining
JCK3-S 6.5 14.85 87.5 2200
YH13 13 14.25 88.7 3500 PDC Substrate
YH16 16 13.90 86.6 3200
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