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Grinding workshop
This workshop has number of grinding machine types, such as a surface grinding machine, a cylindrical grinding machine, an inner hole grinding machine, a tool grinding machine, a centerless grinding machine, cutting machine machine, wire cutting machine, EDM machine and more.

Mixing powder
We can produce the material for ready to press by ourself.

Drying furnace
These drying furnaces are used to dry cemented carbide rods

  • Grinding workshop
  • Centerless grinding
  • Extrusion
  • Mixing powder
  • Drying furnace
  • CNC engraving and milling machine

Atmosphere sintering furnace
This atmosphere sintering furnace is used on FG carbides.

Sintering furnace
We have 19 sets of advanced sintering furnaces. The carbides were just finished sintering.

  • Atmosphere sintering furnace
  • Sintering furnace
  • Die-sinker EDM
  • High speed & High Performance Wire-cut EDM
  • Encasement of finished products
  • Finished products detection warehouse
  • Flexural strength detection
  • Flexural strength detection
  • Physical detection
  • Physical detection
  • Hardness measurement
  • Finished products detection

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