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    1. Carbide Anvils (for Synthetic Diamond Industry) Eliminate the residual stress on the carbide anvil after forming. Before using the carbide anvil, an aging treatment should be carried out, including natural aging, oven aging, boiling oil aging, vacuum aging and ultrasonic aging.
    1. Carbide Tips and Buttons (for Mining Tools) We are capable of producing semi-finished tungsten carbide products as well as providing work blank samples. With our strong processing capabilities, we are also able to customize products according to all samples and drawings.
    1. Carbide Tips and Buttons (for Coal Mining Tools) We specialize in producing tungsten carbide tips and buttons for coal mining, and have done so for more than 40 years. We not only produce semi-finished tungsten carbide products, we also produce workblank samples.
    1. Carbide Tips / Inserts (for TBM Cutting Tools) Carbide tips are one of our flagship products, and we carry out the research and development of JK, JCK and other grades. We have more than 200 types available, with an annual production capacity of 200 tons.
    1. Functionally Graded Carbide Here at the Jinan Institute, we have partnered with HeavyStone Lab LLC to manufacture functionally graded carbide compacts, produced using HeavyStone Lab LLC’s patented technology.